About Us

A-Z Roofing is a local residential and commercial roofing company based in Alabama. Our company has been delivering roofing services since 2009 and we are committed to continuing to deliver quality services into the future.

As a local contractor, we can deliver a prompt service to our customers. We understand our customers’ needs well and know that it doesn’t matter whether you need a residential or commercial roofer you need:

  • The best workmanship to deliver a repair or roof replacement which will last.
  • A quality service – a respectful and reliable team who show up on time and concentrate on the job in hand.
  • An honest and affordable quote – we do everything we can to make sure you receive an honest quote and avoid any add-ons when we’re on the job. Of course, we can’t always identify problems until we start a job, but we do what we can so you are aware of expected costs up front. In addition we pride ourselves on being competitive and always strive to deliver an affordable quote.

Commercial Roofing

Your commercial property is not only an asset, it is also necessary to the efficiency of your business. If you are unable to store stock or make use of offices due to a leak, then this can cause serious disruption and can affect your bottom line.

We regularly work on commercial properties and know you need a quick turnaround when damage occurs. The sooner your business is running normally, the better for your financial health.

You need to balance quality workmanship with affordability. We never compromise the quality of our work and you can be assured you will always receive a quality repair, but we are committed to delivering an affordable service. If you hire us, you will get the best of both worlds.


Residential Roofing

We are a trusted residential roofing company and built our reputation on quality of service and workmanship.

A roof works hard to protect your home against the elements, but it occasionally needs to be repaired or replaced so it can continue to do its job. This is an inconvenience and a cost to you. We understand you need a residential roofer who does the job well and quickly.

We also understand our team are working at your home, around your family, and we are always respectful and mindful of safety. We make sure we leave the job as clean and tidy as when we arrived.